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Win $1000! 

We are running a Contest for the month of November, and giving away a $1000 (Canadian) prize to the person who can add the most Lasso programming examples to the Rosetta Code site. Note - only one example is ever displayed, so you'll need to work fast. We acknowledge that fast isn't always 'best' so you can edit another persons Lasso example and still gain brownie points towards the prize.

You don't have to be a code 'guru' to win. Simply apply yourself to the best of your available time and abilities. Be the early bird and get something better than a worm.

We'll award the $1000 CAD based on a points system. Earn 5 brownie points per example, and 2 brownie points per example improvement (excluding improvements to your own example).

Points System:

*Maximum 5 points per Task entry.


*Rules updated, Nov 3rd, 2013, 9:00am

Specific Notes from the Administrators of

All contestants are additionally requested to do their best to:


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