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Systemation is a learning solutions provider that helps companies develop their project management and systems analysis resources. In conjunction with the University of Colorado at Denver, Systemation workshops offer project managers PMP® Certification — the most widely recognized and respected credential in the field of project management. In plain English, they train men and women to plan and manage projects that deliver bottom-line results on time and within budget.

Clearly, this company knows how to get things done. And who does Joe Trey, VP of Operations, count on to get the job done for Systemation? "Our entire business, from the time we walk in the door, until we send our customers their final bill is done with Lasso," says Joe.

In particular, Systemation manages its entire CRM system using Lasso — meeting the needs of instructors, client companies, and students with ease. "Where we get the most excited is with our scheduling tool, says Joe. "What we couldn't find was a way to have a sophisticated, permission-based scheduling system that allowed individuals like our instructors to get in there and manage their schedule without exposing a bunch of our other systems to them. There are a lot of packaged solutions for widgets, but a nice solution for services was hard to find. Lasso was an absolute dream for us."

With Lasso, Systemation instructors — all of whom are sub-contractors — can log on to manage their schedules, handle travel arrangements, and more.

"A lot of folks aren't comfortable with FTP sites. What we did — and Lasso was key to this — was to build an FTP tool right into our website. Now people can upload and download materials for the classroom, all without knowing anything about code. They just have to hit nice, big upload and download buttons," Joe explains. "We could not have done that without Lasso."

And, of course, Joe appreciates the simplicity and cost savings Lasso delivers. "Instead of needing 12 developers, my IT specialist Jason Pettis and I can get the job done. It's a huge overhead savings for small companies like us."

As a long-time Lasso user, Joe has looked at other solutions and concludes, "Lasso is a far superior product." High praise indeed from the project management experts.

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