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Code Coaching

When you want to learn new coding skills, but want to learn them 'on-the-job' - code coaching is for you. 

Gain re-useable knowledge and skills - the effect of this coaching will continue to pay for itself in your future projects.

What you get:

A Code Coach coordinator will contact you to discuss your Lasso work, and the areas that you are most interested in being coached on. Your assigned coach will then meet with you online to review your understanding and to discuss options.

From there - it's up to you. You can contact your Code Coach as needed during business hours* for the duration specified in the level purchased.

* after the booked sessions, adhoc coaching is considered 5-10 minute question answers and demonstration

one month

A month of coaching - one developer*
Access your personal code coach during Toronto business hours - via email, chat, or phone. Your coach will equip you with knowledge and give advice on how to maximize your current Lasso projects, Lasso servers and related databases. 

3 months

Three months coaching - one developer*
15% off when you purchase three months coaching.
Many times your projects will take more than a month to complete. Have your expert advisor available for the duration of your development. Grow your development skills with Lasso.

Coaching - for two or more developers, or longer terms?

Please contact to discuss your needs and obtain a custom coaching quote. 

* Coaching is deemed commenced on the first day you ask your coach a question or opinion, or 60 days from date purchase whichever is first. 


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